Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Hollywood knows we could, if you know what I mean..."

Come see us at the Hollywood Alley in AZ tonight!
We'll play some Ghosts N Goblins in the arcade, eat some shicken wings, drink some beers, and watch the Premier of the film "Bisbee Cuisine"!

from the new times;

Roadkill Bill, Vol. 3
Bisbee Cannibal Club director strikes again
By Leslie Barton So
bad it’s good, or vice versa? Decide for yourself when “Roadkill Bill”
Robertson’s third low-budget horror-comedy B-movie, 2009’s Bisbee Cuisine -- a Tales From the Crypt-style
short flick featuring a foul-mouthed waitress regaling her reluctant
diners with a triple shot of culinary storytelling debauchery – at
Mesa’s Hollywood Alley. A 20-year resident of Bisbee, Roadkill Bill (The Bisbee Cannibal Club) cites influences such as celluloid crazies Peter Jackson and Herschell Gordon Lewis. Bill’s cameraman, John Cheney, tells New Times, “We aimed for John Waters, and ended up with a few Ed Wood moments. I guess that's half the charm, eh?” Well, as Trainee the waitress says early on in Cuisine, “One person's garbage is another person's delicacy.” Also playing is Robertson’s first video, A Road Kill Cautionary Tale, featuring, well, lots of dead animals. Special guests at the event include Cut Throat Freak Show and the bands Cosmeticators and Scorpion vs. Tarantula."

The Cut Throat Freak Show will be there ripping shit up. There's even been talk of an attempt at repeating a certain October performance (hint hint)....

21 and up. I have no idea when the Cut Throat Freak Show plays, although I'm certain it will be night time. It doesn't matter. This is more like a party with fucking great entertainment. Do yourself a favor and be there around nine, and plan on staying all night. The Cosmeticators, and Scorpion vs Tarantula are playing. CTFS, Road Kill Bill, Bisbee Cuisine, Slightly Curious, Cut Throat Freak Show, Cosmeticators, Scorpion vs Tarantula.
See you there, we're going to go get our shit to the venue, and start pregaming.

Posted via email from Cut Throat Freak Show

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