Saturday, November 14, 2009

butt face and buffalo celery

Oh yeahhhh, this is making the dvd. (which is looking like it'll be released in January or February).

Also, get your ass to the Hollywood Alley tonight. Which reminds me, last night, I overheard yet another person say the same damn shit that people in every city I've visited say. It's a broken record in every city. Every cities citizen feels like they live in the worst city ever. They say "This city is a cultural wasteland. Everything has been white washed." followed by buzzwords like "gentrification" and "sustainability". You know what? That's just making excuses to sit at home and bitch. I don't think we live in a cultural wasteland. Nor can I remember visiting one. It's just not a problem I have.

Wait for it...

And you won't have that problem either if you make to the Hollywood Alley in AZ tonight. Ha!
Seriously though. Get your ass out of the house. It's Saturday night! Live entertainment is EVERYWHERE!

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