Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dallas High Life is over, on my way to play a kid's party...

I had a great time with my audition for America's Got Talent. I'm not allowed to say anything more than "Tune in to see it".

The Dallas Fire Marshal is one cool mofo. I want to hang out with him some more. And a certain band, but I think mentioning their name might be a violation of contract.

Seriously. You have to watch AGT Dallas auditions. (assuming the FCC or something doesn't make post cut out all the goodness).

I'm on my way to play a kid's party now. Tmrw night I think I'm going to test some material on an open mic, and hopefully post a video.

Enclosed is a picture of the window I stared at a Zamboni through.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Phoenix first friday is no longer worth even a glance. It's dead.

According to Phoenix PD, somebody has BOUGHT Roosevelt, and is allowed to make up their own rules.

Evidently, those rules state that if you are not a customer, you'd better be paying the owner of Roosevelt.

My right to perform for money is protected under the same laws and precedents that allow people like Phoenix's Mayor Phil Gordon to make public speeches while on the clock.
It is not illegal to perform for money on public property. (Vending is another story.)

Tonight, I was told I MUST remove myself and my props (even after stopping my show and agreeing not to perform any more) from the street. or else suffer time in jail.
Since I have no lawyer, I packed up, took the 300 dollar loss, and looked around.

Phoenix's first Friday has sacrificed art and creativity for snow cones and hemp necklaces.

It's despicable, and the Cut Throat Freak Show will not be back without an apology. -Jeremy Kinison

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